SPARE Kyrgyzstan

SPARE Kyrgyzstan

SPARE Program has been implemented in Kyrgyzstan by Ecology Movement “BIOM” a public noncommercial organization founded in 1993.

The practical component of the project is to support implementation of sustainable energy ideas to improve general conditions of school buildings and residential houses.  BIOM Ecology Movement implements the practical component of the program under the slogan “Energy efficiency for sustainable future” since 2012 in the selected public schools.

Project is focused on introducing and application of energy saving technologies in the pilot schools of Kyrgyzstan to comply with sanitary norms and  hygienic standards  by appropriate use of  temperature, ventilation and illumination in  classrooms   as well as elaborating  recommendations for school management.



  • The Messenger №8, Y2015
Subject: Gender Issues of  Sustainable Development
  • The Messenger №6, Y2014
Subject: Secure School
  • The Messenger N5, Y2014
Subject: Water as a Resource
  • The Messenger N4, Y2013
Subject: Sustainable Development and Biodiversity
  • The Messenger №3,  Y2013
Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings
  • The Messenger №2,  Y2013
Subject: Climate Change


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11 november
The Day of Energy Saving